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Mother of the year
thebaddguy i would love to pound mama and have make another baby
just another yng hmong slut
monkeydonkeys Damn I\'ll rip that pussy apart
sorry_little_gurl hi. where r u from 
Be 16
just-in would love to b just in her
Holy Crap
just-in hot n h-orny college girls. i would bang the one on the right is she spreads her legs at me
Test for men
just-in who the hell cares about the monkey when theres a super hot girl there. i want to bang her over and over til she gets pregnant
Attacked by knife wielding midgets
just-in i can tell she\'s HOT, i would love to b just in her
IYCEHLUBKOJ Look good to fuck...give her 10 kids she don\'t look like that no more.
IYCEHLUBKOJ I bang her soo good she be twitching afterwards
This will make you laugh :)
just-in she\'s h-orny like most girls are, but he's a faggot
How Could This Day Possibly Get Worse?
just-in r-ape. i bet the owner of these bulls are faggs
i-xa-i she\'s just begging to get fck. i would do her if i was near by. fck yea
3 types of women
Myss_Independent_Lady Lmfao very true bout single women 
The difference between a leader and a boss
nigel Dont think he sits on the Business. He\'ll be standing beside the workers yelling at them.
First day at gym
nigel Thats me right there.