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The difference between a leader and a boss
nigel Dont think he sits on the Business. He\'ll be standing beside the workers yelling at them.
First day at gym
nigel Thats me right there.
nigel Knew TheBaddGuy would comment on this XD
nigel I\'m still waiting to be grabbed.
Im a civilized person
nigel 10 at a time, dipped in tonnes of ketchup.
After Death
nigel I don\'t get it.
When asian girls party
just-in just want to b in them and do some p-ssy pounding action and cream them pies
Still Human
i-xa-i fags should not b consider human but animals and animal rights should b the only rights they have
Fashion failed
IYCEHLUBKOJ shes lovin my dick in that pussy.
Got Rice
IYCEHLUBKOJ Is that the new Jasmine Sticky Rice?
Silicon victim
i-xa-i fcking nasty
Any reasonable explanation?
i-xa-i someone please kick that fag\'s a-ss
i-xa-i the groom just finish pounding them
IYCEHLUBKOJ she can stay in that position while i pound her fast and hard from behind. 
Picture taken at the right moment
IYCEHLUBKOJ pussy getting wet.. 💦💦 she trying to wipe it before it drips down her legs.
brokenarrow Shes beautiful 
Babies earing diapers
i-xa-i FREE college p-ussies. i want the blond
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Fail terrorist
just-in yes. hahahahahahaha