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-559-boiz- So Cute <3
-559-boiz- Haha I like this one
Hahaha...I dont get it
Immortal_Soulr wrote:
XenoVibe wrote:I dont get it either but shes kinda cuteBrenda Song... She's hot, but now she's dating this ugly ass dude...
isn't he miley cyr., brother?? lol.
Sexy Russian
thebaddguy she needs some fcking.  i would fck her over n over n over
Fish game
thebaddguy fcking wierdo japs
12 fingers
thebaddguy can one b proud!
Bike lover
thebaddguy what the fag
Heavy load
thebaddguy fat girl....i understand 
Dont be fooled! Its a guy
thebaddguy whoever that siad this is a guy is a fag.  look at those tits 
nigel Baltimore
We cant both be...
nigel He\'s the best man. She's the best girl.