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Computer love
yukivang if lesbian porn was like that ^^
Smart guy
thebaddguy girl in mini-skirt basically asked for attention; got it 
BennyBoyz209 i like ur pic ur so pretty
Ahney Her and Bee Vang Gran Torino
lyLar wrote:
Theyre not that bad but too cocky! I think zeb n sua, that gurl is a bad actor compare to these ppls! Shes cocky n too much eyes rollin/attitude!

I would say cocky, its just people have a lot of confidence in their work and that's how life should be
lyLa Lol
sexylove-920 Amen ahahah
Be 16
pnoy101 lolz ahahah shyt made my day
I eat you

eat that pussy.

Comments on FB: Tsunami vs Pearl Harbor
Limited_Edition I guessing everyone who comment on here must have never hear about the Atomic Bomb, that America drop on Japan as a vengeance for Pearl Harbor. STOP SKIPPING HISTORY CLASS
435848 perfect ass for doggy
Kim Lee
Fuk-aLl-yAlL This sexy mama is going home with me tonight lolol jkjk
what do you think?
Fuk-aLl-yAlL Sexy your going home with me tonight lololol jkjk
Red Thread
se7ennationarmy most of you are actually the chick with the short hair thinking you\'re the one with long hair.
The lamp
se7ennationarmy sooo.. someone photoshopped two completely separate things together to create this stupid lie and it somehow went VIRAL???
thebaddguy i\'d fck her
Oh damn she bad (:
thebaddguy spread those legs babe