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Recent Comments

Look at the shadow, the horse only has 2 legs?
meetdafawkers Looks more like a shadow of a rooster. . 
How to use chopsticks
nigel Chopsticks for noodles only.
Don`t do anything stupid that would put you in jail.

the internet is full of such idiotic arguments. don't want to go to jail? then don't break any fuckin' laws... it's got nothing to do with how teenage girls dress. that's some rapist mentality putting all the responsibility on the girls.

Cute comic
blossom_liz Cute anime 
Jessica Lu
se7ennationarmy she`s just another blip on the overcrowded radar.
Crazy girl mischief
thebaddguy if she\'s that h-orny, i would love to give it to her
Girl eating banana
thebaddguy thats how she does it every time i bet
Another mom of 2011 nominee
thebaddguy mom need to b fcked more
Two feet to the back, hold that.
thebaddguy what the fag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TV big burger
thebaddguy plain fcking stupid.  whats the diff between eating like that and having it fall apart and just eat it a piece at a time?
thebaddguy she\'s h-orny now
Filipina Cici
thebaddguy i'll get between them legs 
Farmer game
thebaddguy faggots love poop
Hardest Test Ever
thebaddguy question created by fags
Bet Jesus Cant Do This
thebaddguy that fag was jumping in the water and they froozed the pic
thebaddguy fcking fake. if it was real life, they wouldn\'t have this match