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just-in i love pie. i want to add my cream in it 
just-in so glad they dress like that, this way they can\'t escape the cops...hahahahaha
Make her happy then
i-xa-i she probably got aids by now
Coz we are men
i-xa-i thats what u get when u go to college. and thats what your h-orny daughters do when they go to college 
Trying to look like that thing that was crawling down the stairs in The Grudge
i-xa-i if she\'s hot, i want to get bhind her and doggy style her
Oh we got the wrong guy lets put him back
562489 You know they could have just dragged him out from underneath the car without pushing the car up.
Strawberry Waffle Penis
i-xa-i i bet she'll even eat the real thing. she can swallow mine
with or w/o condom?
yo_homiez Definitely without. Lol
Meanwhile in Asia
Myss_Independent_Lady Ill call the cops on his ass omfg this shit ain\'t right 4 reals.. He ass need 2 be in prison 
WTF football?
i-xa-i WTF = "What The Fag" is right!!! fcking nasty faggots
Nose piercing
i-xa-i nasty faggot
Flexible legs
i-xa-i i would love to pound her
Midnight snacks
i-xa-i is she feeding her stomach or her p-ussy?
i-xa-i definitely a fag
i-xa-i tats a fag alright