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The picture says it all
RLZ_405 If only I can one. I will never let her go. 
Saw this on campus yesterday
thebaddguy i want to fck the blond ahead of her 
Attacked by knife wielding midgets
thebaddguy just take it off and show that pretty n tight p-ussy 
thebaddguy fake horse
Serves you right, asshole
thebaddguy yes!!! hope that happens to all drivers like that
Kate Upton at basketball games.
thebaddguy she's h-orny n needs to b fcked
Oh hai!
yAnGbO1r wrote:
Is that Bill Clinton? lol
yep, and i don't blame him. checking out a hottie 
thebaddguy i love fcking hot blonds 
Bizarre body art
thebaddguy what the fag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  nasty faggots
How does it smell?
thebaddguy fags trying to share their poop 
o_hm Something wrong with him. His ancestors would\'ve whoop his ass all the way back to Africa.
Onalaska Hey nyob zoo
Blue and purple hair
thebaddguy fcking stupid people put those stupid metals on their face is so annoying, makes u stare at it even if u dont want to
thebaddguy too much makeup, but i\'ll still do her
Kate Perry
thebaddguy stick that finger in there 
Hmong Girl
Beautimous Probably Mai or something similar.
Princess Leias of the world unite
thebaddguy just take it all off, u know u want to
Janie Tienposuwan
One_lonely_guy Oh fuck me. Im so hard right now.