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Recent Comments

BlindSide your cute!
Men in the baby food department
VietBoyz916 LMAO!! that is me I\'ll be on the phone buying baby food not bc idk what to buy but its always safe to ask the mommy is there anything ells I need to get. I love being a daddy
Feel like slapping multiple people?
se7ennationarmy bitches who quote this dumb shit are the one's needing to be slapped most.
se7ennationarmy some people are the same people.
se7ennationarmy looks feminine. this shit is not practical.
Cant believe that someone would marry her

people can do whatever the fuck they want. why does it bother you faggots so much? bitch, you ugly, too HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

se7ennationarmy don\'t let them hos trick ya.
se7ennationarmy bitch nasty, am i wrong? you can tell.
Beautiful glowing firefly squid in Japan
da-boss Their dying on shore!! Dumb people!! Smh smh
Nice Rides
sunszet omggggggggg
Basketball Chinese guy VS. black guy
SWISH one on one..fucck\`s 3 on 1, plus a gun
TMZ Reports On The Osama Assassination Too
Limited_Edition Obama didn\'t hunt for? He was just the one who took credit 
Limited_Edition I don\'t like her shirt
Limited_Edition Someone close that garbage bin
Epic eyebrows
thebaddguy not great eyebrows but i would fck her; im sure she\'s got some nice stuff under those clothes
Painting Japanese level
thebaddguy try using the puss-y to paint
Father of the year
thebaddguy tat kid is gonna grow up to b a porn star and probably a father of many kids at age 16
15 10 4
Limited_Edition its suppose to be a black joke: 15 is police code for Citizens holding suspect, then 10-4 is police code for "Affirmative / Understood / Message received"