She-wants-the-CShe wants the C A-cake-for-both-bride-and-groomA cake for both bride and groom Math--you-are-doing-it-rightMath, you are doing it right Reverse-gifReverse gif Who-will-eat-this--Not-me-Who will eat this? Not me! What-is-he-doing-What is he doing? My-cookieMy cookie Happy-birthdayHappy birthday Father-of-the-yearFather of the year Nicki-Minaj--Neon-Ankle-Warmers-Nicki Minaj: Neon Ankle Warmers! Princess-ghostPrincess ghost Too-beautiful-to-eatToo beautiful to eat Cheer-up-it-is-your-birthdayCheer up it is your birthday Unforgettable-birthdayUnforgettable birthday My-breakfastMy breakfast