My-All-Time-Favorite-GIFMy All-Time Favorite GIF Slip-and-Slide-Alley-OopSlip and Slide Alley Oop Bruins-Fan-Shows-His-DedicationBruins Fan Shows His Dedication Hey-you-tired--I-ll-be-your-pillowHey you tired? I’ll be your pillow Jurassic-Park-PrankJurassic Park Prank She-wants-the-CShe wants the C There-is-literally-nothing-that-batman-would-rather-do-with-his-timeThere is literally nothing that batman would rather do with his time Alfonso-has-still-got-itAlfonso has still got it Sloth-kicking-back--having-some-carrotsSloth kicking back, having some carrots Take-eye-out--put-in-mouth--put-eye-back--give-cutest-smile-ever-Take eye out, put in mouth, put eye back, give cutest smile ever. This-is-the-way-I-leave-at-parties-unnoticed--We-call-it--The-NinjaThis is the way I leave at parties unnoticed. We call it: The Ninja One-of-my-loyal-subjects--at-play-in-the-waves-One of my loyal subjects, at play in the waves. HELP-HELP! Let-me-taste-you-Let me taste you! Kingfisher-diving-for-its-preyKingfisher diving for its prey