This-makes-me-feel-bad-about-my-lifeThis makes me feel bad about my life WorkWork 3-stages-of-life3 stages of life EverytimeEverytime This-is-so-meThis is so me And-that-s-how-I-drop-out-of-schoolAnd that`s how I drop out of school Birthday-controlBirthday control Old-man-with-weird-hairOld man with weird hair My-daily-lifeMy daily life Im-backIm back That-moment-when-you---Don-t-you-just-hate-it-That moment when you...Don`t you just hate it? Unlucky-peopleUnlucky people Every-day-like-a-bossEvery day like a boss Procrastination-at-it-s-bestProcrastination at it`s best Young-professionalYoung professional